Are you parenting with a narcissistic partner or ex?

I can help you preserve your sanity, take your life back and help your children thrive.


What my clients have experienced

"Re-building myself. I have worked with Nisanka for over 2 years, zoom calls, last minute phone calls, messages, emails, she is always there to offer support and guidance. Nisanka helps me work through any obstacle I face and helps me navigate through them effectively. Recently I have found myself looking back over our time and realising how much impact she has had on my decision making, helping me grow into a stronger more confident version of myself.

I find myself giving support to friends, colleagues and students sharing the knowledge she has taught me along the way. Looking back on my own personal journey, I’m realising how truly amazing Nisanka is, she checks in on me to see how I am (usually when I need her the most) she just knows. The level of service she offers is above and beyond. I appreciate all Nisanka has and continues to provide and I am thankful she came into my life when she did 😇💛#forevergrateful"

Sharlene Davis

"I was watching so much video clips on Narcissism, lo and behold, at one point in my Instagram feed I saw Nisanka’s account coparenting with a narcissist_coach and couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

I couldn’t believe there was someone out there specializing in helping parents coparent with a narcissist whilst preserving their sanity! I couldn’t believe that there was somewhere out there that was helping people navigate through my exact situation! ...

... After interviewing a few local options, I thought I found one who had the expertise to understand and help me, but was I ever wrong! After a couple of sessions I stopped working with her and I reconnected with Nisanka who thankfully was available for an initial chat fairly quickly and after only one session, I knew she could help me! From the outset she did not question what I was going through/my diagnosis of my ex.

She just accepted that what I was telling her was true, which was extremely refreshing, after unfortunately being gaslit by that previous therapist. She is a very kind and compassionate human who just has that comforting IT factor that makes you feel validated and special and makes you feel that things will be OK. 

She is just one of those people who makes you feel better about yourself and as a result you want her energy around you all the time. I also find she has a very intuitive, flexible and organic approach and is definitely not following a script. In my experience, she will figure out what you need and give it to you even if it’s not the exact work that she envisioned doing with you. I can also assure you there are no scams with her and she is only there to try and help you. 

When she tells you, you can pay what you can or you come and go from a monthly program etc, you can believe her.I have no hesitation in recommending Nisanka. She can help YOU because SHE IS YOU. She will give you the love, support, courage and the tools that you need to finally live your best life."

Elena Steinberg

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